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Paintball Notables

Derrick Obatake:

An old school Kamikaze Shooter who to this day still eats, breathes, and plays paintball. A fierce competitor on the field and one of the nicest people off of it, always willing to give words of advice & encouragement!
Derrick now plays for the L.A. Hitmen.

Earon Carter:

And the man himself holding some Gargoyles in California!

Earon Carter has been producing high quality paintball guns since the begining of paintball itself. Always quality and always great looking, Carter guns continue to turn heads on the field.
Always one to give back to the players, Earon has given more than one of his high priced guns to players that deserve it. Once when visiting a Hawaiian field he was swarmed by the kids there that day. He could not get enough of them. A true player and a true Legend in and of paintball.
Carter Machine is one of the most prized gun makers of the game and once in a while if your lucky you can catch him on the field. Be carefull though, he'll get you!


Mike Casady - CCI/The Phantom

Mike is the creator of the Phantom paintball gun.

Mike's been around a long time in this game and his gun has become one of the most dominant guns in the pump world. In the year 2006 Mike was awarded the lifetime achievement award by APG magazine.
Submitted by Chris

Below is the super secret proto of Mikes newest magic!

Below is an image of what Mike helped with during a small local Stock Gun event in Ludlow Mass. First prize was three of these beeeaaauuutteees! Mike as usual went way over board on his help and the players loved it. THANKS MIKE!


Glen Palmer:
As big a legend as anyone could ever be in this sport. Glen set the standard for others to follow both in manufacturing, and customer service. Glen's Pumps and Semis are some of the most highly crafted Markers in the business.
His son Craig now runs the business, and he has twin boys.You can expect the legacy to live on for as long as the sport it self.
Submitted by: splattttttt & Ron Sindric

Ray Gong:
Ray Gong is a field operator out of New Jersey. Not just another field operator but one that has stood in the face of paintball opposition and had to fight legal battles in 1988 when paintball was not nearly as big as it is today and was considered illegal in his state.
Ray, with the help of some heavy hitters in paintball was able to win the lawsuit and Rays field continues to be a strong attraction.


Al Iba:
Al and I&I Sports have been around a LONG time. Those of you who have been around the game long enough will remember the multi page black and white product lines inside the older APG Magazines.
Al continues to provide the players cost effective ways of getting into the game and shows no signs of stopping now. If your into the Martial Arts, I&I Sports is also the place to go for quality products.

Jessica Sparks:
Jessica has been inside the game of paintball since the very begining. She was the first female to really become known in the game nation wide and continues to help the sport grow in different magazines along with a growing paintball museum.

Evan Money:
What can one say about E Money. The guy has done just about everything in the sport of paintball. From running his own E Money Fun Series to jumping off of bridges tethered by a bungee while shooting like mad. Evan has done a lot of things for one man.
Evan was the buff "Mr. Power Ball" for Taso back in the day, has produced the best selling paintball video of all time "Inside Paintball", has his own line of paintball goods and even has his own Paintball Radio Show! Paintball radio? Who would have thought?
He has brought us the Karate bear. But is willing to sell him for a cool million.
Evan is deeply in love with his wife and kids and is not afraid to tell you. Just looking at his web pages will tell you that.
To learn even more about Evan Money you can check out these web pages.

Chris Iquinta:
Chris is the youngest player to know so much about the game. He even came out of retirement to play CAL JAM in the Pro Division Last year.
Chris team, Spyders Web, started playing my tournaments way back when, and Chris has given up his talents in music and other areas to stay in paintball. You can hear Chris on the Paintball Weekly radio show with E Money.


Miron Deleon:
Team Captain of the famed "Flipped Out" Pump team Milo coordinated his crews to multiple wins in both the pump and semi tourney circuits by pitting his pump teams against the semis on there turf.
Nothing short of amazing is what describes Milo. Creator of his own line of stock class gear, "The flipped out speed pack", was his teams own cap less harness introduced at the highlight of what we know as mainstream pump play. The Flipped out speed pack is successfully marketed via most major paintball retailers.
Calling the team his family, Milo fosters many commendable traits that pump players around the globe should appreciate. His attitude and aggressive style of leadership and play is an impressive and unique tool in the pump community's arsenal of the selected Legends.
Submitted by David Otero

Bea Youngs:
Bea Youngs is another female player in a growing trend of females stepping up to the plate in a male dominated sport. Bea has a passion for the game and all of its players and continues to promote the game with a strong team and a strong conviction.

Wes Wong:
The Original paintball god, Wes was a force of a player in the 80's and into the 90's. Wes hosted the famous Wong Way Tours of Canada bringing the hard hitting paintball style into Canadian North and the infamous Canada Day Massacre, were 11 Califorians vs. 150 canadians, and California winning.
Wes led many a team to victory in both 5 man and 10 man formats. Today Wes works with DYE and still can find time to pull out his old pumps to "lay the smakdown!"
Submitted by Glenn Cachianes.

Jack Wada | Kamikaze Shooters:
Jack is one of the original Kamakaze shooters. He played and won the first ever speed ball tourney at SC Village back in the day. He still plays today and is as deadly now as he was then.

Linh Truong / LA Hitmen

How do you become an instant legend? Sometimes 'all it takes' is doing something for the first time. Paintballs Linh Truong did just that by becoming the OSC's first female champ in the one on one Top Gun Challenge in 2008.
Congratulations to her and the LA Hitmen for having such diverse talent on their team.

Read more about Linh and the LA Hitmen here:
LA Hitmen


As far back as I can remember, 1988 or so, Ron has been an icon in the sport with teams such as the California Bushwackers, one of the oldest teams out there.
If you are anybody in Paintball you know him, have heard of him, have been coached by him, or know who I am talking about.Every week rain or shine he is playing. A true Ronin player to the game of Paintball.

Submitted by: Paul Schreck

Tom Kaye / Airgun Designs

Founder of Airgun Designs, and at the forefront of paintball innovation, the driving force behind many of the products in use today. Compressed Air as a power source was one of his many contributions to the sport, along with the Automag, Warp feed, E-mag, X-mag and the Level 10 bolt, the first and best purely mechanical anti-chop bolt. Sadly he retired from paintball around 2003, but the fact that there are so many Automag users out there today is a testament to his ideas and products enduring legacy.

Submitted by: David from UCSD

Tom Kaye was the spearhead for innovation in the early stages of paintball. Tom has brought so many amazing creatations to paintball and all of them have stood the test of time, Tom was a huge part of Airgun Designs and showed every paintballer in the world, what it means to be part of a paintball community. Tom has a resume that can be listed for miles even in size 6 font. Tom Kaye truly was a paintball player, For the paintball players.

Submitted by: Austin Nehring

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