Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Gargoyle Saga

Earon Carter, The Legend of paintball, and a couple of Gargoyles in Cali.

The Bread and the Butter:
There was a discussion about the high cost after the shop owner Scott read some paintball forums. He got a quick course on just how observant you guys are. So, they set me up and got a very small part of just why these and other guns like the Redux cost so much. Labor….and lots of it. Each gun has to have a lot of personal work on it. Countless hours, endless hours...four in the morning
Threaded Back bushing, with the barrel, and Threaded front bushing. Custom Grip Frame. Bucket changer.
More work in the body.

Bucket on the gun. Valve inserts. Inside the Valve. Feed Gate, Cut slot aims at the floor on production Gargs. THE GARGOYLE...... And another small video for you...
Here are the pumps! You will notice the threads inside the front of the body of the pump. These are for the delrin inserts to compensate for going from Phantom barrels to Cocker threaded barrels. These will come with the standard size and a pack of a few different ones will be available to match best to the barrel you choose to use.
Connecting Rods get the heat then each are bent by hand in the giant press.

Sorry for the video being so dark. But now you get to see how the valve works..5/29/09
Here is the Valve that will be available in small numbers at first. Maybe 25 or so. Maybe next week (That's what I am planning on) I will have images of every part of the gun broken down for you. Then off to get the anno!..05/28/09 Side Profile..05/15/09 Side Profile..05/15/09 Old school at it's finest. Smoothing out the bore, every one of them by hand. Here are some pics. I know that I said I would not show anymore but I was feeling badly about that. I will keep the images small and of poor quality until I can show you guys the finished Gargoyle..:) Each Gargoyle will come with this adapter. It is Cocker threaded to fit inside the Gargoyle body. The outer threads are for Phantom barrels. The Earon Carter of the East Coast...Freaky. 'Finished' rails..05/05/09 Rail blanks..05/05/09 Bodies and Valves..05/05/09 Some Valves. 04/27/09 Just another teaser of things. Still plugging along....04/12/09
I hired the Dog.....
Vwalla... New Bodies with slots....03/28/09 Snuck a picture did they? Matching the block with the body. The body is on the desk behind me. Just a teaser video.
Pluggin along..... 03.19.09 03.17.09 Some of the threaded bodies. You'll see what looks like flaws near the edge. This metal is not staying on the bodies. They get there holes:) 03.11.09 Holed the 20 bodies and are threading them over the next few days. Threaded a few today and they look pretty sharp. Also cut up some ASAs which look pretty sharp as well. The first Gargs waiting in line:03.09.09 The nice drill. First Proto Trigger: The first Proto body. It began here at the shop.

Customer Gargoyles

The first multi colored Gargoyle.

Gargoyle Green and Black beauty.

And what Jack made it look like:

Gargoyle lower and pump with AirSoldier cocker threaded body.

Gargoyle lower on the Redux Duck Slide!

Sweet Phantom/Gargoyle set up.

And for the back bottle lovers....

Pump Pandamonium 2009